Top 4 Postgame Things to Do After a Conference

Once You’re Home

You arrived home, and now you need to take some time to rest and get back into the groove of everyday life. But don’t take too long to do this, because your work is not done! The next few days and weeks after the conference is where you are going to put all that you learned as well as your networking into action.

Top 4 Postgame Things to Do After a Conference

1. Do Some Housekeeping

Hopefully, you have come home with more than a handful of business cards, and you read the about taking notes on each of those cards, so now it’s time to get them to work for you. If you have a CRM, you will need to add everything into your CRM. Make sure that your leads or customers are on the right lists for your marketing department. Add any notes about follow-ups that are needed. Also, notify anyone in or outside of your department on actions that need to be taken.

2. Follow-up

Connecting with the people you met during the conference should be done immediately following your return. You should have reached out to everyone you connected with within a week of returning from the event. This way the contact is still “warm” and you don’t have to waste time on a reintroduction.

LinkedIn is an easy and natural way to follow up after meeting someone at a conference. Typically, people reserve their Facebook and Twitter for more personal reasons, so unless they told you to reach out to them via these social platforms, use LinkedIn or email. The key here is to carry the momentum from a convention at the conference into actual conversion with the customer or partner.

Include a personalized message – appropriately tailored to what you discussed – to accompany your request on LinkedIn or email. Remember, everyone’s inbox will be flooded, so make yourself memorable by reminding your new connection what you discussed. Also set up a phone call, face-to-face meeting or a demo with anyone you specifically want to do business or build a relationship with. Remember, that’s the whole point of attending conferences.

Don’t expect miracles, however. Everyone is busy after an event, so you may need up to 3-5 touches before you hear back for sales calls. If you are reaching out to network, don’t hound them to link or email you.

3. Share What You Learned

One of the best things that you can do with all the information, inspiration and contacts you gained from the conference is to share it with coworkers and friends. You can send out links to video sessions, send notes from the sessions or send out the slide decks you thought were particularly valuable. Make sure to tell your boss about the things that you learned and how it can help you and your department. Remember, they didn’t send you on a vacation, they sent you to bring back information. Dive back into the information you found valuable and hone in on those new skills.

4. Thank Key Influencers

This step is an often overlooked after a conference. You come back with contacts and new information and are excited to get started on your leads or processes and ultimately forget to thank the ones who sent you.

Make sure to tell your boss thank you and show your gratitude for having sent you to the conference. You will also want to thank your coworkers, if they went with you to the conference, for sharing their information with you. Make sure that you have shown you got value from attending; it’s the best way to show you were the right choice in going to the event.

Now that you have read all of our steps for before going to a conference, during the conference and your postgame play you are ready to rock any event or conference you attend. You can make attending conferences a regular professional goal. Make sure to note your attendance of conferences on LinkedIn and any accomplishments that came from attending. You’re going to be amazed at what attending conferences can do for networking as well as your professional skills.

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Top 4 Postgame Things to Do After a Conference