About A Southern Traveler

I’m not a backpacker or nomad. I’m a hard working southern girl who loves traveling and helping others travel as much as possible! This site was created to inspire and help you travel around the world.


I’m a marketer, a travel junkie, photography and art lover and blogger. When not traveling I’m working in marketing. I don’t consider my job work because it’s a passion. I’m also a pretty big yoga fanatic. I try to get in at least four days of practice a week. I learned photography from my Dad – a skill that has been passed down for generations. When I’m not doing one of the above, you will probably find me digging in the dirt at my house.



I have been traveling most of my life, thanks to my parents who, most years, demanded road trips be taken. I have traveled to almost every state thanks to them! As a kid, I remember seeing Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Teton, the Great Smokey Mountains, Mt Rushmore, moose, grizzly bears, and so much more. All in all, not bad memories. And those non-bad memories must have stuck with me because as an adult I desire to travel as much as possible.


What separates your site from others?

I’m not a backpacker or nomad. I work 9-5 and have a regular job in marketing that affords me a few trips during the year and vacation time. I have been traveling most of my life and have shared so many stories and tips with friends and family I felt it was time to start this blog. Every place that you read about on this blog has been personally visited by me (or a great columnist that I trust), and we pay for the trips out of our own pocket unless otherwise noted.

How do you find the time to travel?

I have been lucky to have jobs that have allowed me to travel to company meetings, trade shows, and other events, and we try to get in as much free time as possible. Additionally, we travel on the weekends, on holidays, and I take my vacation time.

I go to Costa Rica about once a year, with the occasional missed trip during some years. My wonderful husband was born in Costa Rica, although he has lived in the U.S. most of his life. His family calls Costa Rica home, so we try to visit them as often as possible while getting in some adventure time for us.

Will you do sponsored posts?

A Southern Traveler welcomes sponsored posts, ads and commissioned reviews as it fits within our schedule. Additionally, they must be deemed beneficial to our readers. Also, understand that we will always write honest reviews and give our opinions good or bad. For inquiries, you can contact us here.

Why can’t I post a comment on your site?

While I’m a huge fan of reader interaction, I value my time. Moderating comments can take a lot of time. The blog, in general, is a hobby for me, not a full-time income and it takes time to write, post, edit/review. With that being said, I made the decision that you can follow A Southern Traveler socially. You can find us Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and interact on those platforms.

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